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Uniformz supports Rett Syndrome Research


December 1, 2014


A penny of every dollar we receive is donated to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust. Owner Pieter's daughter Chelsea (18) is afflicted with this debilitating disease. She cannot walk or talk, is tube fed and often has severe seizures. She's a beautiful, smart girl trapped in a body that just won't work.


96% of all donations to RSRT fund their research programs and, as the world's leading Rett Syndrome charity, they have awarded $22 million to research since 2008.


Proud disclaimer: Pieter's wife Monica is the founder and Executive Director of RSRT and has worked tirelessly for over 15 years to find a cure for their daughter and all afflicted girls worldwide. Rett Syndrome has been reversed in mice, so there's real hope that one day Chelsea can be cured.


Simply put: your patronage gives us extra hope. Thank You!


Learn more about RSRT: 

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